Canvas & Clarity is currently self-funded & does not have access to grants or other kinds of outside support at this time. Please consider making a monetary donation directly to Canvas & Clarity to support our efforts to provide sober events for anybody seeking an alcohol-free safe space.

Organizations We Support

Live4Lali functions operationally & programmatically from private donations & grant dollars. Every dollar contributes to another life saved, another chance at recovery, another family supported, & another opportunity to prevent a future dominated by addiction.

Horses for Humanity focussed on making the maximum positive effort for their local communities through various programs such as providing a weekly food bank along other local outreach-based programs.

Harm Reduction Circle’s mission is to provide support & resources to reduce the negative consequences associated with drug use. Their unique approach is to target both individuals who intend to use substances that place them at high risk for overdose, & those who do not intend to do so – but are still at risk of unknowingly using them.

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