Canvas & Clarity’s main focus is to provide a safe outlet for one to be creative & show you that it’s possible to have fun being sober. Unlike other Paint n’ Sips, Canvas & Clarity does not believe that creativity & drinking are inexorably linked. I openly discuss various topics such as addiction, recovery, mental health, enhancing others in our community & beyond. My focus is to see how we can better support ourselves & others who are also suffering from addiction & mental illness. I have found ways to save lives all while teaching you how to paint. Whatever your reason for abstaining from drinking, you will have a great time at one of my events. Even if you do drink, I do my best to provide an outlet where it’s not needed.

Recreational Activities

Sober Paint n’ Sip Parties

Although the majority of my painting events are held in the city of Chicago, Canvas & Clarity’s primary goal is to establish more safe, sober, social spaces worldwide. When you purchase a ticket to one of my painting events, you will receive a full-size canvas, as well as paints & brushes. I also offer optional Add-On items which at available for purchase; such as additional canvases, a disposable apron for you to wear, & unique merchandise. Canvas & Clarity events are all inclusive & all are welcome! Every time you make a commitment to purchase a ticket and attend an event, the closer my vision for Canvas & Clarity becomes a reality.

In addition, I put on fundraising events geared toward raising funds used to provide financial aid to the community, connecting & providing support to other local communities with abundance of at-risk indivIduals; such as LGBTQ+ people, domestic violence victims, sex abuse survivors, people who have disabilities, & the homeless. If you are interested in having a Canvas & Clarity fundraiser for your business or organization, please contact me directly so I can support you.

Community Outreach

By cooperating with a group called Harm Reduction Circle, I am able to provide assistance & life saving tools to help people avoid the negative consequences of drug use. I attend music festivals & concerts to provide education as well as a variety of other services to ensure everyone’s safety & enjoyment. Canvas & Clarity is also a registered Naloxone Distribution Site for the State of Illinois. Below you can even request a free shipment of Narcan from our partner Harm Reduction Circle.

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